We welcome essays, poems, stories, graphic narratives, photo essays, video essays, original artwork, film and text-based work amongst other formats for submission. The overarching theme of your writing and art work should conform to the focus of the journal – cultures of eating, and food history and literature.

The upper word limit for prose writing is 2500 words.

We try to respond to all submissions within 8 weeks of submission. On Eating is a no-profit initiative. We are able to pay a small honorarium for your contribution. Send your submissions to –

Guidelines For Submissions

  • Only original content will be accepted for publishing on the website.
  • Stories/Contributions/Essays must be submitted only in Microsoft Word format.
  • Submission in language other than English must be typed using unicode typeface which are freely available from Google fonts.
  • Images should be proprietary or those with common creative license, free of any encumbrance or copyright.
  • Image size should be high resolution with pixel dimension on either axis of not less than 2000 px or not less than 200 dpi.
  • The acceptable format for images are Jpeg / JPG / Tiff / PSD. Do not upload gif. / png.
  • reserves the right to accept or reject any submission and shall also have the right to edit any such submission.
  • Upon publication all intellectual property rights in the content shall exclusively vest with on

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