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ConquestLychee | Milk


Volume 2 | Issue 1 [May 2022]

Leave a piece of mango skin
on the counter.

In a few seconds,
a shrubbery of ants grows
around the broken wing
of saccharine sun.

The Romantics

Satya Dash

Volume 2 | Issue 1 [May 2022]

Those were nights of spice. I was delighted to acknowledge

I am a fool. The plate, a beloved, resembling a Pangaea—on it,

the confluence of butter chicken and boondi raita. You ordered

both without discussion, no hint of hesitation. That subtle smear

Kaka explains how to define a woman by her cooking with examples

Poornima Laxmeshwar

Volume 2 | Issue 1 [May 2022]

X’s stuffed brinjal:
Brinjal half-sliced + stuffed with onion + tomato + authentic masala,
slow cooked with peanut powder + jaggery, garnished with coriander.

The congruency of two buttocks upon a line—
Excess of pulp, yellow plump, a little bruised
Vellus-follicle skin thrusting her clawed wrists
Pink to violent-salmon; seed falling from one side.

The Politics of Nolen-Gur

Ritoshree Chatterjee

Volume 2 | Issue 1 [May 2022]

Gathering: a Shiuli speaks

our skies are the brown of hollow domes where
only palm-sap drips in darkness
sleepless, we move with a hundred winters on our shoulders

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