Amit Kumar-The Milkman
Volume 2 | Issue 4 [August 2022]

Amit Kumar-The Milkman <br>Volume 2 | Issue 4 [August 2022]

The Milkman

A short film by Amit Kumar

Volume 2 | Issue 4 [August 2022]

The Milkman - Amit Kumar


  1. Asha

    Beautiful. True. Time flows, and everything changes.

    • Sudha Tumbe

      This Beautiful Film speaks for all Rural as well as Urban Indians..Where is the friendly Milkman??

  2. Preet

    Thank you for taking me down in the memory lane of my childhood

    • Sanjay Das

      A fantastic tale… Tells the changing scenario of India. How the time changes rapidly and incribes in the frame of History.

    • Poornima

      हम किस विकास में धकेले जा रहे हैं बहुत ही सीधे तरीके से कहती फ़िल्म और हमारी उदासीनता का परिणाम भी हमी को भोगना है इसीसे अनजान लोगों के लिए विचारणीय प्रश्न छोड़ती एक शानदार कोशिश।

  3. Abhishek Mishra

    Brilliant cinematics and voice over. Kudos to team!!

  4. Kaya Rao Shetty

    So well made. Couldn’t look away. You have a wonderful eye.

  5. Katy

    Lovely film. The last extra splash of milk + the image of a faded-out buffalo in the river will stick with me today. Looking forward to more from Amit Kumar.

  6. Buddhadeb Chattopadhyay

    A touching film indeed.The film maker has zeroed in on a subject that is hardly touched upon.Voice over is good.

  7. Rama Akondy

    I enjoyed watching this film. All the best to Amit.

  8. Anju

    Brought back memories of something that seemed so mundane then

  9. Kappil Antil

    Great Work @Amit Bhya, Fantastic direction and voice-over. Great film!

  10. Tanvi jaiswal

    Took me on nostalgia trip 🙂 Great work!!

  11. Naz

    Wonderfully made. Kudos to the creator(s).

  12. Elvia

    Amazing film, beautifully made!

  13. Vidhi

    Beautiful! Felt lucky that dudhiya still visits our house:)

  14. Prithish M

    Exceptional film. The cinematography along with the occasional chirping of birds in the background aptly convey the pictures of a changing India. The fading buffalo in the end truly leaves a lasting impression.

  15. Rituparna Sengupta

    I can’t say I have experienced the world of milkmen firsthand, but I have grown up hearing my parents speak of their own childhoods and the web of intimacies that existed before the world of automation and plastic took over—and milkmen were very much a part of it. That touch of the extra quarter of milk that we see in the film: it carries an entire vanished world within it, doesn’t it, not at all the same as today’s freebies and discounts.

    Yesterday I watched the film with a feeling of nostalgia for a lost world, but also an unsettlement I couldn’t quite understand. Today when I am watching it again, I think this unsettlement comes from the combined impact of the visuals which seem very contemporary (but capture a world past) and the narration which is contemporary but again sounds like it is from a very distant world—wistful yet resigned, but also carrying the texture of the kind of narrative voice that would accompany older NFDC films of past decades. Very evocative. Thank you for this.

  16. Paul David

    Thank you Amit, brought back my childhood memories of the milk man.
    Poignant and heartbreaking

  17. Natasha Badhwar

    There are so many layers to this film, at different points it awakened different curiosities and engagement.
    I also loved the compositions, the quietness of the camera as a witness and therefore the heightened emotional value of the interaction between the milkman and the boy (who evokes the narrator’s childhood). Gratitude to the film-makers!

  18. Mukul Sharma

    Well-made film. Beautiful visuals, simple but meaningful commentary, nice voice. Thanks. However, I also began to think what do a milkman want about his future!

  19. Anurag Pandey

    Loved it. It took me to the memory lane of my childhood.

  20. Shiva Rajpoot

    Great film, very true and touching.

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