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On Eating aspires to create an archive of various cultures of eating that characterise the Indian subcontinent. In this most basic need that keeps us alive is art, history, politics, sociology, science, literature, poetry, and spirituality.
In this multilingual genre-agnostic journal, we feature stories about various eating cultures in India. Our aim is to create a journal of contemporary writing about eating in English and the Indian languages as well as contemporary art on the subject.
The artwork will not be illustration alone, but a commentary on the subject in its own right. We also plan to make older writing available in English translation.
On Eating features one long essay/story/commentary/poem/film along with distinct artwork every month.

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सतरंगी दस्तरख़्वान

बहुआयामी आस्वादों से भरी इस किताब में खाने की बायोग्राफी के बहाने कलाकारों, लेखकों, ऐक्टिविस्टों के धड़कते दिलों की कहानी भी है जिनके संग चलते-चलते हम चमत्कृत यात्री अपना देश घूम लेते हैं। असाधारण रूप से पठनीय एक किताब!

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  • Title: On Eating
    Frequency: Monthly
    ISSN: Applied for
    Publisher: Takshila Educational Society
    Chief Editors: Kunal Ray and Sumana Roy
    Copyright: Takshila Educational Society
    Starting Year: 2021
    Subject: Food and Culture
    Language: Multilingual
    Publication Format: Online
    Phone No.: +91 11 41555 418/428
    Address: C-404, Defence Colony, New Delhi 110 024


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